XKCD Isn't Funny - #1558 - Vet

 It's probably for the best. Since Roombas are native to North America, it's illegal for Americans to keep them in their houses under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act.

I agree completely with Randall that Roombas are adorable. They're like circular cats that can clean! In fact, the implication of an innocent Roomba slowly running out of juice surrounded by forest predators just gives me bad vibrations. I'm honesty surprised there isn't a mention of it, considering this is the author who gave us #695.

I'm also surprised that this is a Short Hair Girl (a.k.a. Megan) comic. Assuming a Roomba is a dog is such a Beret thing to do. Remember way back when he thought lug nuts were scones? So, unfortunately for this comic, it suffers from the same problems as that one. Why does this woman think a Roomba is a dog? That's potentially funny, learning that information. Does she actually think that or is she being a bitch for some reason? She admits to being wrong in panel 3, which makes me think she's supposed to be pulling some kind of performance joke, but she's not being watched in panel 4, which makes me think she's just crazy.

The other day, The Webcomics Review posted a thing about some of the joke formulas XKCD uses, and one of them was described as "people doing random things for no reason", and that's totally what this is.

On the positive side of things, that's a nicely drawn tree in the final panel, and it doesn't feel like it's compensating for could-be-a-tweet-itude, like it has previously.

In other news, there's something special about this review: It's the first review written in my new dorm! College has officially started for Greg Greenwell.

I'd just like to say that I think it's really cool that this blog's coming with me, and I'm glad I have readers along for the ride, so to speak. I'm looking forward to continuing as long as XKCD does (and if it stops, I'll just move on to Questionable Content or something).