XKCD Isn't Funny - #1555 - Exoplanet Names 2

 I'm going to drive this Netherlands joke so far into the ground they'll have to build levees around it to keep the sea out.

The day is December 18th, 2015. Millions of fans sit in movie theaters the world over, waiting, shivering with excitement. Finally, after what seems like an eternity of trailers, the Star Wars logo appears onscreen. Unfortunately, Disney hired Randall Munroe as a creative consultant, so the audience is treated to the first six Star Wars films in slightly edited formats to provide context for the new one.

I would understand if he just had a bit at the beginning like "Hey you guys, the first comic was a while ago but just so you know this is the second one", but instead it's literally just most of the first comic before we get to the new content. It's more like an update then a sequel. And really, did Exoplanet Names need either? I understand there's been a new NASA thing going on (and I already set up my name to go to Mars), but the joke about stupid names for planets has already been made, who was asking for an expansion back to a list comic?

Also, why are some of the red names integrated with the black ones? The colors should be segregated. It's not like the names are actually in references to anything about the planet, you can switch any of the names around and the comic doesn't suffer at all. Mixing the red and black just makes this comic more annoying to read for people who don't want to reread the first set.

Also also, this comic contains the fourth reference to The Spice Girls in a hundred comics or so, including yesterday's (which was also a sequel). Is it supposed to be a running gag? I don't get it.

In other news, I was all set to link to my review of the original Exoplanet Names and just add some additional commentary, until that plan was foiled by the fact that XKCD Isn't Funny hadn't started when the original went up and wouldn't for another fifty comics or so. Damn past me, damn him to hell.

(Friend Jon Levi was still reviewing comics back then, though; his take is right over here)