XKCD Isn't Funny - #1552 - Rulebook

It's good to be back, guys. And so many things have happened since I've been away! I released an album, I turned 18, "Uptown Funk" finally stopped cluttering up my tumblr feed. But XKCD hasn't changed a bit. It's actually kinda nice, having a could-be-a-tweet comic on my first day back. It's like meeting an old not-quite-friend for the first time in many years, and even the things you disliked about them seem charming in the context of your reunion.

It's kinda weird coming back to XKCD Isn't Funny and reviewing a comic like this, though. I really wasn't expecting to see shock humor on my first day back on the job. And it is shock humor. The joke isn't 'we're extending the Ain't No Rule to get your dog out of the game by the same way that you got him in', like it should have been; the joke is 'we're doing something cruel to an animal'. And I don't think Randall Munroe can really pull that type of humor off.

A similar joke in The Campaign (which you should totally watch by the way) worked because the characters were surprised and offended too, and there were consequences when it happened. With this, it's just deadpan, the people and the dog don't react at all, they might as well be the horizon line for all they add to the comic.

Lastly, there totally is an entire set of rules that say you can't kill and eat the dog.

It's good to be back, guys. ☺