XKCD Isn't Funny - #1559 - Driving

Sadly, it probably won't even have enough gas to make it to the first border crossing.

That is so low menace for Black Hat. This could have been so much better, like he puts a corpse in the car, or he sends the car to the inside of a building, or anything else that would have lead to actual damage of any kind.

It makes me think of Black Hat, waking up hungover, slurring out "The fuck am I supposed to do today, I need to keep my image up, the fuck can I do... ugh...", seeing an ad for a new self-driving car in the newspaper he used as a blanket and just going "yeah, whatever".

He's not even causing mental anguish to anyone, at the time of writing, self-driving cars are not available for purchase by individuals. So he's just causing a relatively minor breakage to Google or whoever.

The trail of dirt that the rock leaves also looks weird. I'm used to Randy's stick figures just being in a white void. Suddenly getting a semi-present horizon line is offputting, like listening to a song you've listened to dozens of times before only suddenly the vocals are replaced by Smash Mouth All Star. The dirt makes it look like the comic didn't fully load, and the dots and such are the tops of something that's cut off.

In conclusion, not as good as The Kinks song.