XKCD Isn't Funny - #1553 - Public Key

I guess I should be signing stuff, but I've never been sure what to sign. Maybe if I post my private key, I can crowdsource my decisions about what to sign.

I apologize for the lateness of this review. Apparently, if you're really bad at changing your wifi password, you can accidentally make it so your computer can't connect to the internet at all! Who knew??? Not me! Who knew??? Not my mother! Who knew??? Not Obama, he only knew about the NSA!

Lucky for me I have a laptop that I only forgot about for TWO SOLID DAYS. (In the meantime, I got really good at losing at Solitaire)

And speaking of computers and that which is contained therein, lookit that comic! I know I'm reading into this more than I should, but isn't this scenario vaguely sad? Like "Maybe if I give out my personal information people will finally pay attention to me.".

On top of that, the actual intended joke isn't that strong. It's just someone thinking about doing something stupid. He doesn't even actually do it! I had my issues with #1469, but at least it actually showed the stupid character being stupid. Maybe Randy was leaving it up to the reader's imagination, but he's taken it a step or two too far. Instead of imagining the consequences of Stupid Person's actions, the reader's left imagining Stupid Person's actions.