XKCD Isn't Funny - #1680 - Black Hole & #1681 - Laser Products

As a lame pun, I am actually okay with this one. Yeah, it's lame as hell and it'd get groans out of anyone who'd finished Kindergarten if said aloud, but that's what puns are supposed to do!

However, I do see a huuuge missed opportunity in not having the black hole suck them up as they're talking. Just imagine it, they're getting all spaghettification'd, and all their atoms are exploding one by one, but on top of it is that pun. It'd be so perfect.

If you stretch your mind a little, you can say that this comic has a similar problem. This should absolutely not be text-only. The opportunity to depict a hilarious hair printer was handed to Randy on a silver plate, and he threw it away like so much tupperware.

I was about to write that the reviews are super lazily written, but what if this is secretly a brilliant attack on the quality of online reviews - namely, mine!! As proof for this, I posit:
  1. None of the reviews contain any real content. All the evidence is heavily opinionated, with the exception of the review for laser eye surgery. 
  2. There is little to no supporting evidence given for any opinions.
  3. The laser jet surgery reviewer didn't even use the product, even though it sounds awesome.
  4. The review for laser eye removal gives a failing grade for user error. 
  5. None of the ratings are five star, indicating that reviewers will never find anything perfect.
Now, Amazon and other websites of the sort may not be five stars themselves when it comes to the review sections, but even the worst of them have at least a few good reviewers on them. The negative depiction of reviewers is therefore intentional, just to take shots at me, a humble man that has never said or done anything against anyone else.