XKCD Isn't Funny - #1625 - Substitutions 2

Within a few minutes, our roads will be full of uncontrollably-swerving cars and our skies full of Amazon delivery dogs.

Imagine if I just copy-pasted Jon Levi's review of the first Substitutions comic but switched out most of the words with their first synonym in Word. I'd be making exactly the same point as that review, and anyone who read both reviews would essentially be getting the same information twice, but it'd mean I wouldn't have to think of anything original for another day.

That might be too mean. Really, the worst part of this comic is the bland, text-only presentation, not the duplicate joke. It wouldn't be so bad if it was like a Dinosaur Comics, where they'll kinda be listing things sometimes, but it'll be in dialogue form. Of course, if this was Dinosaur Comics, the list would be in the middle and it would lead to some other joke. (Dinosaur Comics is good)

I do actually like the "years/minutes" part. Especially because I know there's at least one XKCD fan who's blindly followed this list and will eventually forget the filter at a crucial moment and miss an important deadline.

Overall though, it's not even as good as the original. The original was a ripoff of a better comic too, but it had multiple jokes in it, and it was actually poking fun at things. In this one we get "expands > physically expands", and I don't get it. That's not fun, that's just redundant.