XKCD Isn't Funny - #1390 - RESEARCH ETHICS

I think everyone who reads this blog is aware that I'm not the first person to run an XKCD hateblog. There are, of course, the two xkcd sucks -'s, but there's also the cool indie ones you probably haven't heard of, xkcdprime and xkcdexplained, the Pavement and Ween to the xkcd suckss' Rolling Stones and Pink Floyd, respectively. [Edit: In this analogy, am I the Chainsmokers or Knife Party?*]

xkcdexplained used the term "agreement chuckles" to refer to the hollow, humorless laughter you get from reading an unfunny political cartoon that you happen to agree with. That is the best case scenario for what Randy was trying to achieve here. The two people don't even respond to Megan's little speech (I'd make an Atlas Shrugged reference here, but that would just be unfair). "Right?" Megan asks, stopping just short of turning her head to the reader and repeating "Right? Did you get that? Facebook wasn't being ethical. GET IT???".

This is apparently in reference to an actual thing Facebook did, but since I don't use or keep with Facebook, and the comic made no attempt to explain the background, I didn't know that, so the comic seemed left field as well as unfunny, boring, and preachy.

My original attempt to review this comic was just going to be "[Greg injured himself by {doing something funny}, this review will be done by 4chan.]" and then a few quotes from 4chan users that responded to my post. I got three comments, and all of them amounted to "It's 2014, who the hell is still using Facebook?". Make of that what you will.

[*Wow, there's a reference that won't mean anything in a year.]