XKCD Isn't Funny - #1632 - Palindrome & #1633 - Possible Undiscovered Planets

"A Man, A Plan, A Canal: Panama" is my favorite palindrome, Randy, how dare you mess with it.

This is pure CouldBeATweet. Yes, it's very clever, but it is under 140 characters, the visuals mean nothing, and there is no context for it. Just use your twitter already. You don't have to tweet everyday, it's okay! Just tweet these jokes that have comics as window dressing instead of as content when you come up with them. And then make another joke into a comic!

Also follow me @Greg_Greenwell, I tweet deep thoughts sometimes.

I'm kinda lowkey wondering if #1632 was simple so he could spend more time working on this one. Also damnit I just realized I totally forgot to reference #631 in my review of #1631. #MissedOpportunities

At first I was kinda like "who put jokes in this science", like the jokes distracted from the facts, but then I realized that the comic is actually totally consistent. The silly bits aren't silly because they're untrue, they're silly because an ordinary science poster wouldn't feature them even though they technically are on the scale.

Some of the bits even made me think a little, and I love thinking! I'd never have considered that we can discount certain planet positions because we'd see them during the daytime, that gives me a new perspective on planet-hunting.

If this was just inspired by the Planet Nine thing, then Randy actually put effort into making it more than that, and that is super cool of him.

It doesn't really hold up as a joke, since we read from left to right and the funny bits are on the bottom left and there's a bunch of blank space in the bottom right, but it definitely holds up as an infographic with jokes in it.