XKCD Isn't Funny - #1550 - Episode VII

The Lord of the Rings sequel, set years after the Ring hubbub has died down, is just Samwise discreetly creeping back to Bag End to finish dropping the eaves.

Yo, if anyone wants a reason to hate me (aside from the fact that I run this blog): I've only seen the prequels. I DVR'd all six movies during a Spike TV marathon and tried to watch them all in numerical order, but then I moved and the recordings got wiped and I never got around to seeing the original trilogy. I have, however, read the books and once interviewed Ryder Windham. Also Darths & Droids is pretty good most of the time.

So, with that in mind, can we not agree that the power converters are an easily forgettable element of A New Hope? I get that the joke is that The Force Awakens is focusing on a very minor thing from the original trilogy, but couldn't Randy have at least picked a more memorable thing? Like how about the guy from the Mos Eisley Cantina who gets his arm cut off by Obi-Wan is set up as the big villain this trilogy?

HOWEVER, I asked two people who've seen Star Wars and they both enjoyed it. One, my furry friend (who makes music too, you can get that here), said "it's alright [...] compared to the other ones you linked this one atleast makes someone sense" which probably gives you a depressingly accurate idea of what it's like to be my friend.

My Egyptian friend adds:

That said, even if you enjoyed the joke itself, the detailed facial fixtures on a stick figure still look weird. A shadowed face might have looked better and even been more dramatic, adding to the joke.

More importantly, the last panel shouldn't be there. Every other panel has been a direct progression from the previous one, whereas that one would happen after the end of the movie, making it look like the joke is supposed to be that the movie would be the one line of dialogue before cutting directly to credits. Is the last panel there just to make fun of J.J.Abrams? Like "Ha ha look at how badly J.J.'ll fuck this up"? Why? Isn't he considered to have done a pretty good job with Lost and all the other things he's done that I haven't seen?