XKCD Isn't Funny - #1548 - 90s Kid

We remember Rugrats, and think of them every time our kids look at us through their baby gates.

Oh thank god, it's a joke.

A lot of points will be removed from my non-existent scoring sheet for being a "time is passing! oooOOOooo" thing (been a little while since we've had one of those), but it does bother to put in a proper setup this time. There's the kid talking, and that makes the reader go "huh?" and then the caption makes the reader go "oh.".

Reviewers and other sharp-eyed people additionally go "Hey, why is there a giant egg on the ground or the floor or whatever? And that thing on the side looks like a bush, but there are blocks next to it, and those are indoor toys! What's going on here!? Is the thing behind them the bottom pattern of a wall or a fence?"

The art does actually help show that these are children and not midgets, but I'd like the art a lot more if it was easier to actually tell what everything was.

It's also kinda weird to me that Randy's mocking people who share things online, considering how much of his fanbase he got from comics shared on digg and reddit and such.