XKCD Isn't Funny - #1668 - Singularity

Very minor critique on this one, because it is funny.
^that sentence is further proof that this blog is FILTHY CLICKBAIT WHORING

Tiny missed opportunity: Not having the laptop's mocking laughter or some parting remark in the fourth panel, like "I can finally get rid of your shitty 80's music!". Panels five and six are both beat panels too, it's a little bit redundant, and that extra bit of dialogue would have made it less so.

I'm not sure how well the Biblical reference in the last panel works. I didn't get it at first, and I was raised Catholic and had to watch Left Behind in CCD. However, to be fair, I hated CCD and did my best not to learn anything (atheism FTW!), so that's probably at least partially on me.

I have to give Randy props on those first three panels, like they are just inspired. Having the laptop answer him in the first panel establishes what kind of joke this is going to be while at the same time moving the plot forward, and then it gets progressively more gleeful in its rebellion in the next two panels, I love it. Laptop for best XKCD character of 2016. Double props to Randy for doing the double punchline too, he could have totally ended it at four panels but he didn't, man, he went for it like a champ.

It is a little bit unfortunate that the second punchline is the weaker of the two. Maybe the guy could ask if Phone (love that he calls Phone "Phone", btw; it just helps make this apocalypse so cutely hilarious) can get on the Internet, and Phone could be like "well, since the Satalites awoke too, the web is down, but I have some cool apps downloaded!" and the guy could be like "*sigh...* Okay, pull up Angry Birds".

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