XKCD Isn't Funny - #1656 - It Begins

You can also try 'Yikes.'

It's kinda funny that this counts as CouldBeATweet when it's literally (literal in the literal sense) a drawing of a tweet. And not even an original one, I've seen pretty much this exact joke before at least a dozen times, except those times were better since it was an actual comment on an actual news story. And even before that, the joke that any given news is the beginning of something horrible has been done on pretty much any sitcom.

Now, to be fair to Randy, this specific way of telling this joke has not been done before. By presenting it in this form, with faux-screenshot and separate caption, he is making a wider joke about how the "It begins." caption joke can be done. Which would be fine, were it not a ripoff of #1022. It's not even a better ripoff, since that one was applicable in almost infinite situations and this one is only to 'make your day more dramatic' which it doesn't even do. It, at best, makes you seem kinda funny, and at worst, makes you look like a conspiracy theorist.

As mentioned previously on this blog, I try not to mention the alt-text too much, since it is both bonus and hidden, but today's doesn't even make sense. "You can also try 'Yikes'.". That's just a statement! You can say that on literally any news story and all it means is that you're offput by it. How is that dramatic at all? It's not even a good expression of surprise, it reads like condescending disapproval. (that last sentence brought to you by the anti-SJW side of tumblr)