XKCD Isn't Funny - #1655 - Doomsday Clock

So, I actually really like the idea here. I give it points for topicality and originality. However, I do think it stumbles a bit on the execution.

The Doomsday Clock doesn't actually affect anything directly, it's basically a measurement tool (it's also not an actual clock but I think that the comic can get away with that for Rule Of Funny and also clarity of the joke). This makes the last panel seem disconnected from the previous three, we don't have an understanding of why the clock is connected to the apocalypse and we aren't given one. There should be a panel or two in between panels three and four showing a military bunker on red alert, with a screen flashing "DOOMSDAY CLOCK PAST MIDNIGHT", and a guy in a hat with stars on it says "The Russians must have finally done it. Launch all weapons in retaliation". And then maybe instead of showing an explosion from the Earth's surface, we could see it from space, and we'd really get that this is Doomsday with a capital D and ain't nobody surviving that.

I'm also not sure how well known the Doomsday Clock is. I know what it is, but I asked two of my friends and neither of them did. Maybe there could have been a panel before the firsts one where a tour guide is explaining what the clock is to a tour group, or something like that.

Speaking of world-ending tragedies, I am pretty annoyed right now. My friend painted my nails, and the color was supposed to be pink, but for some reason it ended up being this really dark magenta that ended up just looking red if it's under any kind of light at all. I don't mind red per se, but I'd have much preferred an ACTUAL dark magenta, thank you very much.