XKCD Isn't Funny - #1561 - Water Phase Diagram

 Vanilla Ice was produced in small quantities for years, but it wasn't until the 90s that experimenters collaborated to produce a sample that could survive at room temperature for several months.

In which Randy accidentally leaves in the Wikipedia page he was using as reference.

I can appreciate the effort that he went through to try and make the joke. Vanilla Ice being Ice VI is kinda clever. It is really forced though. Randy had to make an entire chart of water phases to get to it, and on top of that, he had to invert the usual graph orientation, which makes it read weirdly.

I don't really get what he was going for with the "Vanilla Ice" → "David Bowie & Queen". Like, I get one sampled the other and DB&Q is on the bottom because they're "under pressure", but it really looks like he's saying that Vanilla Ice turns into David Bowie & Queen when pressure is added, which is obviously nonsense.

My friend from Arizona adds: "h a h a h a h a they used a musicians name that I'm familiar with so I recognize that ha h a  h     a".

It did teach me there's more than one kind of ice, though. That's probably a plus on some level.